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Homeschool at Riverbend

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Visit Riverbend’s 30 acres to explore animal adaptations, ecosystems, life cycles, and more using hands-on science skills.  

Program Overview:

During our hour-and-a-half program each month, trained Riverbend Educators will lead students through outdoor explorations, science experiments, and student-driven and inquiry-based crafts. Our programs align with NGSS standards and enhance student learning at home.

Every Second Wednesday of the Month
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Age: 5 - 10
Cost: $25/person/program, $20/sibling/program


General Overview:

2:00-2:10:  Families Arrive At The Barn

2:10-2:20:  A Science Warm-Up

2:20-2:40: Science Investigation/Book/Craft

2:40-2:50: Snack Break

2:50-3:10: Habitat Exploration

3:10-3:20: Nature Journal Reflection

3:20-3:30: Wrap Up


Lesson Overview:

Dec 13 - Plant Habitats

  • This session will focus on plant experiments and crafts. Explore how the sun can impact plants and the environment around us.

Jan 10 - Adaptations: Turtles

  •  Meet Riverbend's box turtles and learn about where they live in the wild and how they are adapted to survive in their habitat. 

Feb 14 - Adaptations: Insects

  • Meet Riverbend's amazing insects living both indoors and out! Learn about how they've adapted to survive, search & identify different insects throughout the preserve. 

March 13 - Adaptions: Reptiles

  • Meet Riverbend's friendliest reptiles, including our many species of snake! Learn about how they've adapted to survive and how to identify different snakes throughout PA. 

April 10 - Stream Life Cycle

  • Who really lives in our streams? Learn about macroinvertebrates that make up our waterways, and how they help our streams. Explore the life cycles of some of the smallest creatures on earth!

May 8 - Pond Life Cycles

  • Now it's time to explore smaller waters, like the Pond! Learn about the different inhabitants of ponds and how they live their semi-aquatic lives. Search for frogs, tadpoles, and all other creatures who spend their days soaking up the sun near shallow waters.

June 12 - Birds and Other Biodiversity

  • Explore the preserve and learn about the vast bio-diversity that lives on the flourishing 30 acres. Learn how to identify birds on a stroll with friends, and explore different animal life as they enjoy the summer weather. Finish the day with a camp fire and s'mores!



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