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Riverbend on the Road

Riverbend educators will visit your school, daycare center, preserve, library or community center with a nature-based program that supports your curriculum and learning goals. Our programs are designed to deliver engaging experiences while deepening students’ curiosity for and connection to the natural world.

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Riverbend on the Road

Our programs include hands-on activities with natural objects and use outdoor learning whenever possible. Preschool through 5th grade programs are available and may be reserved as a one-time visit, a series, or a lesson that is coupled with a Riverbend field trip

Topics Overview:

  • Pre K - 2nd grade: Habitats, Seasonal Changes, Plant and Animal Life Cycles, Animal Adaptations, Weather, Plants and Pollinators

  • 3rd grade - 5th grade: Habitats, Watersheds, Ecosystems

Click here for a list of available programs for Kindergarten - 5th grade.

Curriculum Alignment

All programs support Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and development of critical thinking skills. Page 3 of ourprogram guideshows more detailed information about NGSS standards supported by our programs.

Series Programs

Riverbend’s education team will work with you to design a custom series program to fit your curriculum and classroom needs. Please click the link above for a complete list of our available programs. Series programs are completely customizable and can be scheduled as a series of three or four visits, weekly or monthly throughout the school year. Please contact Suzanne Safranto get started.


riverbend on the road
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Summer Riverbend on the Road 

Are you looking for a fun and engaging activity for your camp or youth group in the summer months (June - August)? Riverbend has a curated selection of activities for elementary and middle school aged children. Please note pricing below.

Summer Program Topics:

  • Pre K - 2nd grade: Insect Exploration; Where Should Turtle Be?: Turtle Habitats and Adaptations

  • 2nd grade - 8th grade: Hiking Safety and Leave No Trace at Saunders Woods Nature Preserve (1020 Waverly Rd, Gladwyne, PA) or another local nature preserve

  • 4th - 8th grade: Nature Scavenger Hunt at Saunders Woods Nature Preserve (1020 Waverly Rd, Gladwyne, PA) 


  • Classroom Programs (30 Student Limit):  $300 per program*
  • $50 for additional same-day, same-site program
  • Custom and Series Programs (for 30+ Students): Call for Pricing       
  • Summer Programs: “Hiking Safety and Leave No Trace” and “Nature Scavenger Hunt” - $450 per program* 

* Travel fees may apply.

For more information and to register for any of our Riverbend on the Road programs, please contact Suzanne Safran at 610.527.5234  x 112 or email ssafran@riverbendeec.org

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For more information please contact

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Suzanne Safran

Education Operations Manager