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Riverbend Trailblazers

Formerly known as Riverbend's Counselor-in-Training program, Trailblazers is an all new program for older campers who are looking for a fun and enriching summer experience.

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Is the Riverbend Trailblazer Program the right fit for your camper?

Riverbend Trailblazers are self-motivated changemakers who are driven to make a difference in their community. They love getting their hands dirty, are passionate about the outdoors, and aren’t afraid of a little hard work. The ideal candidate for this program does not need much outdoor experience, but should be eager to learn and dive into a project of their group’s choosing. During their week at Riverbend, the Trailblazers will practice collaboration, problem solving, and leadership through service projects centered around nature stewardship, environmental education, or animal care. This is a great program for campers of all personalities, experience levels, and backgrounds who are seeking a community of people to learn and engage with. Each week will involve about 15 hours of volunteer service and end in a field trip.    

Application process: 

We ask that your camper fills out the application form in the camp registration before coming to camp so that we can get to know their interests and background before they join us.

Application Questions:

  • Why are you interested in the Trailblazer program?

  • Tell us about a time you worked on a project outside, taught someone you know a new thing, or cared for an animal. This can be any project, big or small. There is no previous experience required to join this program!

  • You will choose how you spend your time throughout the camp week. Tell us some of the project ideas that you are interested in working on during your week at camp.

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Weekly Themes and Descriptions

Environmental Education:

Does your camper love sharing all they know about nature with those around them? The Trailblazer Environmental Education weekly theme will give them practical skills and experience to explore this talent. Throughout the week, Trailblazers will develop and write a nature-based lesson plan that they will then teach to younger campers. It is strongly encouraged that campers fill out the program application before their first week of camp.

Animal Care:

Calling all animal-lovers! During this week, Trailblazers will take on the responsibility of caring for Riverbend’s animal ambassadors. Campers will get hands-on experience by performing daily animal care duties. In addition to this, their projects can include designing and executing animal enrichment, performing health checks, and proposing new education programs using the animals to Riverbend’s Education staff. It is strongly encouraged that campers fill out the program application before their first week of camp.

Habitat Management:

The perfect week for those campers who love to get down and dirty with an outdoor project. Throughout the week, campers will work along Riverbend’s Habitat Manager on a conservation project of their own creation and design. Your campers will get real-life conservation and habitat management experience and have the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact on the Riverbend Community. It is strongly encouraged that campers fill out the program application before their first week of camp.

Field Trips for Trailblazers by Camp Week

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For more information please contact

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