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Riverbend Wins State-Wide Award

Riverbend Environmental Education Center Recognized as MWEE Partner of Excellence, Celebrates Partnership Success with Aqua

Riverbend Environmental Education Center is honored to announce its recent receipt of the prestigious MWEE Partner of Excellence Award presented by the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators (PAEE). This accolade underscores Riverbend's commitment to enhancing environmental education through inquiry-based and nature-focused STEM curricula. Additionally, Riverbend proudly celebrates the success of its collaborative partner, Aqua, in winning the 2024 Business Partner Award for their educational initiative.

In 2021, Riverbend launched its Nature-Based STEM Community of Practice, a professional development platform for K-8 teachers aimed at enriching their pedagogical skills in environmental science. This program builds upon the foundations of the Philadelphia Children Access Nature program and has successfully integrated meaningful watershed educational experiences (MWEEs) into school curricula across three school districts. Over three academic years, Riverbend's Community of Practice has equipped 35 educators to significantly impact 1,986 students, with a focus on communities in urban areas that often have less access to outdoor environmental education.

Concurrently, Riverbend has fostered a fruitful partnership with Aqua through the 'Where Does My Water Come From?' program. Spearheaded by Krista Seng of Aqua's corporate giving and community affairs, the program was developed in close collaboration with Riverbend to provide an immersive educational experience for every fifth grader in the Upper Darby School District. This initiative not only educates students about local water cycles and sustainability but also enhances their understanding of ecological and human-made water systems.

The collaborative efforts between Riverbend and Aqua exemplify the potential of partnerships between educational institutions and corporate entities to advance public understanding and engagement with environmental issues. 

Riverbend Environmental Education Center remains dedicated to its mission of connecting people to nature, equitably advancing environmental literacy through outdoor STEM education and free play in nature while empowering children and adults to take action to conserve Earth's resources.

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