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Outdoor Learning Tips

Outdoor Learning Tips No.1 : What's in my backpack?

In this video, learn some basic tips for heading out on your own outdoor learning adventures from the pros at Riverbend. This session is about what to take with you when you head outside for explorations with kids. Whether at Riverbend, a local park, your neighborhood, or your own backyard, these items will help with discovery and learning.

Remember to follow all guidelines for your local area and use social distancing strategies.

Outdoor Learning Tips No.2 : Engaging Older Students

In this video, Erin McCool discusses how the use of apps and technology can enhance outdoor learning for older students.

Apps Referenced in Video:

iNaturalist - https://www.inaturalist.org/

Frog Watch - https://www.aza.org/frogwatch

Audubon eBird - https://ebird.org/home

Outdoor Learning Tips No.3: Decomposers Lesson Parent Guide

This is a companion video to Nature Science Lesson No. 2 Decomposition - Nature's Amazing Recycler! Learn how the lesson relates to curriculum standards and learn how to make your own backyard compost set-up with special guest, Colleen Falicki of Back to Earth Compost Crew.

Pallet Compost Bin tutorial referenced in video:


Outdoor Learning Tips No. 4: What about Ticks?

As you spend more time outside, it is important to know a few things about ticks. Here is some information that will help you to understand and prevent tick-borne illness.

We have some tips and additional information here: More about Ticks

Outdoor Learning Tips No. 5: The Value of Nature in STEM Education

Erin McCool discusses how experiences in nature can reinforce STEM education skills in students of all ages - especially during this time of online learning. The video includes tips on keeping a science journal and making observations over a period of time.