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Community Partner Spotlight: Riggs Distler

At Riverbend, we are grateful for the support that we receive from our annual corporate partners. Starting in 2021, we are spotlighting the work that these partners do to support their local communities including organizations such as Riverbend.

Riggs Distler provides services for infrastructure projects around the country and takes pride in their company values and commitment to safety. They believe in putting their people first and offer opportunities for their employees to give back through their Helping Hands program. Riggs Distler’s Helping Hands is a volunteer, 100% employee run group who are passionate about collaborating, empowering and inspiring Riggs Distler employees to better the communities they serve. This initiative embodies a spirit of giving back – from the office to the field. Employees are always there to support one another through fundraising, volunteering, and various charity work.

As a leader in their industry, Riggs Distler also strives to implement sustainable business practices. Riggs Distler’s guiding principle is “Under One Hat, One Contract-One Responsibility”, which supports a full commitment to safety, performance, and sustainability. Company initiatives help their employees to become good stewards in their communities. These include energy reduction strategies to help their organization reduce overall energy consumption and carbon footprint. Riggs Distler also provides innovative expertise for renewable energy infrastructure projects such as wind, solar, and hydrogen facilities construction and installations. 

In a typical year, Riggs Distler supports Riverbend’s annual event calendar and provides essential resources for our fundraising through in-person events. Although these events were either cancelled or dramatically altered in 2020, Riggs Distler continued their longstanding support of Riverbend by allowing us to utilize their donation in support of our annual fund. We are grateful for their support and for their commitment to the community and sustainability.

Learn more about Riggs Distler's initiatives on their website.