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A Wonderful Fall at Riverbend

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Dear Riverbend friends,

As I walked through the woods with enthusiastic 4th graders last week, I feel so thankful for you. When I look back at how far we've come in 2022, I'm astonished by how quickly we've rebuilt education programs for schools that closed their doors to us during the pandemic. It was thanks to your gifts of volunteerism and charitable contributions that helped Riverbend's school programs roar back to life this year. When schools fully reopened, we were ready to serve them. You've helped us care for the native habitat on our 30-acre preserve--our nature classroom. You also made sure we could meet the needs of students in low-income neighborhoods. Riverbend brought 1,700 children from 20 different Philly-area schools into the outdoors for nature education. We hosted their field trips to our Gladwyne preserve, and to our partner locations at Heinz Wildlife Refuge and Norristown Farm Park. Students observed turtles and blue herons, got muddy and happy while investigating streams, and explored the woods on a nature scavenger hunt. With your renewed support, we can start 2023 strong, so that Riverbend can continue to welcome children who need the benefit of learning in the great outdoors, out in nature, right now. These children are our future: they will grow up to steward the natural systems that support life on earth. There will be several opportunities to make a gift to Riverbend this Fall, and I hope you'll join me in sustaining nature education for ALL children. 

- Erin Reilly


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