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Friends of the Bend

It takes many people with a wide range of talents and resources to create a successful organization. In 2013, Riverbend established a society named Friends of the Bend. Friends of the Bend are those folks who have contributed for five or more consecutive years toward the Riverbend mission. For these friends, we create a certificate and plant a tree in honor –a white oak for those who have given for 20 years or more, an American holly for those who have given from 10 to 19 years, and an Eastern redbud for those who have given from 5 to 9 years. Riverbend’s current Friends of the Bend appear in our fall newsletter and are honored each fall at our Red Barn Gathering.


Teachers trained in Aquaponics


Less water than traditional agriculture



Native species were planted since 2008


School program visits, 48% from underserved schools


Students participated in STEM-based aquaponics program.


Volunteers dedicated 2,205 hours of service.


Program visits annually


Hours spent outside by summer campers.

Success Stories

Jess Goes Far Beyond the Basics

Nature-based STEM sparks science learning for Philadelphia teacher and students

Alex Fukuchi Pays It Forward -- One Camper at a Time

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Join the Riverbend community as we work together to learn about and protect our natural world. With your help, our youth will gain the tools and passion needed for care of our spectacular earth.