P'unk Ave

Ashe Przybyla

Environmental Education (EE) Fellow

Ashe graduated from Northampton Community College with an Associates Degree in Biological Sciences and Environmental Science then transferred to East Stroudsburg University to get her Bachelors in Marine Science. Ashe plans to eventually pursue a Masters in one of those majors. She wants to study marine invertebrates such as ctenophores or octopods.

Currently, Ashe is enjoying her time as an environmental fellow. Ashe joined the Riverbend team because she wanted to take the first steps into environmental education and talk to the general public and kids. Ashe says, "I think its so important when we have the ability to teach kids and others to love and appreciate nature to do so because the way it affects their lives and the way they treat nature later on is important." When not at Riverbend, Ashe is always outside, observing nature, looking for amphibians, mushrooms, and just exploring.